Association Glove Program

Our endorsed glove program, administered by Association Gloves, brings you high-quality products with the right fit and feel at an exceptional value, access to an easy recurring order program and great personal service. It also provides a non-dues revenue stream to your association. You have to purchase gloves, masks and disposable products, so why not buy them from Association Gloves, the organization that saves you money and supports your association?

3rd Quarter product specials

NEW products just released!
The expanding disposable product line at Association Gloves now includes prophy angles, high-volume evacuation tips, saliva ejectors, microapplicators, toothbrushes, tray liners and much more!

Now is the time to take advantage of valuable money-saving 3rd quarter specials!
Glove, mask and disposable product offers below are good until Sept. 30 only.

NEW!  Low price on IHC Pulse nitrile glove. $115 per case of 2,000 or just $5.75 per 100.

NEW!  Microflex’s MidKnight black nitrile glove offers the superior combination of durability and security for day-to-day hazards. Only  $11.85 per 100 gloves or $118.50 per case of 1,000 gloves.

NEW!  BeeSure Glacier Powder-free Nitrile glove has a thin design that is soft and elastic for latex-like comfort. Micro-textured fingertips improve wet grip. Waste-reducing package holds 300 ice-blue gloves per box in sizes XS­–L. Only $4.21 per 100 or $126.25 per case of 3,000 gloves.

BeeSure SuperSlim powder-free nitrile: Only $4.61 per 100, or $138.50 per case.

Microflex Sensation nitrile on special: Buy 8 boxes, get 2 boxes free. A glove with low dermatitis potential for only $6.76 per 100 gloves or $67.60 per case.

Cranberry Truly200 powder-free nitrile: Only $5.41 per 100, or $108.25 per case.

Cranberry XLIM powder-free nitrile: Only $6.62 per 100, or $66.25 per case.

Cranberry Curve fitted powder-free nitrile: Only $6.97 per 100, or $69.75 per case

Halyard Health Aquasoft nitrile gloves are now only $5.43 per 100 gloves or $162.75 per case of 3,000. Buy one case, get one box free.

Halyard Health Lavender, Sterling and Purple:  Buy 1 case, get 1 box free.

Buy 8 boxes, get 2 boxes free:

  • Xceed nitrile: This is the first exam glove to earn Ergonomic Certification from U.S. Ergonomics. It offers the optimal balance of comfort, strength, protection and value. Your price per 100 gloves is only $5.70. That’s $142.50 per case of 2,500 gloves.
  • Ultraform nitrile: Ultraform’s unique, soft nitrile formulation forms to your hand effortlessly as if it were a second skin. This ergonomically certified glove is only $5.52 per 100 gloves, or $165.40 per case of 3,000.
  • Neogard chloroprene: Another ergonomically certified glove, this unique chloroprene glove features superb grip in wet and dry environments, with great tactile sensitivity and strength. Only $9.10 per 100 gloves. A case of 1,000 gloves costs $91.

Mask specials:

       Halyard Health Masks: Buy 1 case, get 2 boxes free.

Shipping is always free! Free samples on gloves and masks!