Report Donated Care

The Ohio Dental Association strives to collect information from its members on their donated dental care activities.  This information assists our lobbying team in advocating for legislation related to dentistry and shows legislators the generosity of Ohio dentists. 

When should you submit a report?
  • Following an event for free dental care in  your community that you organized (including Dentistry From the Heart events and visits to nursing homes to donate dental care)
  • When you donate dental care for an individual patient in your office
  • When private insurance, Medicaid, or the patient is NOT charged for your services
Please do not use the Report Donated Care Form for:
  • Dental OPTIONS.  Download the OPTIONS form here and fax it to Dental OPTIONS at (614) 564-2421
  • Give Kids a Smile events.  Download the GKAS report form here and email it to, or fax or mail it to the ODA. 

Reporting your donated care

The information reported will only be reported collectively.  The names of dentists who  have reported donated dental care will not be publicized.  If the ODA needs to feature a dentist who has donated care or held an event, ODA staff will contact the dentist for their permission.
Please click here to report your donated care.
For any questions filling out the Report Donated Care Form, please contact the ODA Department of Public Service by calling (614) 486-2700.