Dental OPTIONS Become a Dental OPTIONS provider

Dental OPTIONS is a program provided through a joint partnership between the ODA and the Ohio Department of Health that helps eligible, low-income uninsured adults in Ohio obtain access to dental care by linking them with volunteer dentists.

Receiving quality dental care is important, but many Americans must often choose between dental care and other daily living expenses – and dental care is often sacrificed.

Nationally, access to affordable dental care is a major problem; however, organized dentistry in Ohio has been visionary – responding to this need with statewide programs that provide needed access to oral health care to qualified individuals. For more information on how Dental OPTIONS improves access to dental care, click here.

How Dental OPTIONS works for the dentist

The dentist decides how many patients to see each year and the frequency, whether to accept patients eligible for donated or discounted care or both, and the type of patiet (elderly, single head of household, disabled, etc.).

Referral coordinators screen patients for eligibility, provide referrals and handle the administrative tasks. The referral coordinators serve as liaisons between the dental office and the patient between appointments. Dentists' volunteer time and assistance are spent solely in practicing dentistry.

Dentists who provide 100 percent donated care to an OPTIONS patient are eligible for Volunteer Continuing Education (CE) credit. For more information on CE requirements, click here.

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