Reward Program Payment

Making your dues payment has never been easier! You now can redeem your Benco Dental BluChip® Points for a dues credit toward your ADA, ODA and local dental society dues.

In order to use this payment option when paying 2017 dues, simply follow these two steps:

  1. Log on to or call 1-800-GO-BENCO ext. 2005 to redeem your points today!
  2. Email, indicating you will be using BluChip Points to pay for your dues.

If your redemption does not cover your full dues amount, the ODA will bill you for the balance remaining. If your redemption includes an overpayment, the ODA will credit the overpayment toward your 2018 dues. No refunds  using Benco Dental BluChip® Points will be issued.

Benco Dental BluChip® Points cannot be used toward ODPAC or ODAF contributions. Acceptance of Benco Dental BluChip® Points for dues payments does not constitute an endorsement of Benco Dental or its products and services.