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Health insurance options that fit your needs

As an exclusive benefit to ODA members and their staff, ODASC provides a one-stop health insurance solution that allows individuals the ability to control and manage benefits specific to their current needs.

Receive a Health Insurance Quote

ODASC representatives can provide you health insurance quotes from multiple different private insurance companies so you can choose a plan that best fits you and your family’s needs. These plans do not come from and are not government plans.

Click here to complete an information request form to receive individual insurance quotes from multiple private companies offering traditional PPO options and Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Once you have submitted the form, you will receive quotes via email within a week. After you have received the quotes, ODASC representatives can help you complete the application process. If you have any questions, you can call ODASC at (800) 282-1526 or email or

ODASC representatives can provide personalized assistance

ODASC’s goal is to make your insurance purchase a simple, pressure-free experience. ODASC representatives can walk you through the various insurance options available. They are licensed insurance agents and are knowledgeable in the options available. They are salary-based and do not make a commission based on sales, so you can be assured they have your best interest at heart.

ODASC representatives are also knowledgeable about insurance plans available through the Federal/State Exchange Marketplace. They can help determine if you’re eligible for a subsidy, and if so they can help you enroll in insurance through the Federal/State Exchange Marketplace.

ODASC representatives can help you find the plan and carrier that best suits your needs.

Call ODASC today at (800) 282-1526 for more information.

Dentists' Choice Health Care Plan (DCHCP)

The ODASC health insurance plan, Dentist's Choice Health Care Plan (DCHCP), will be renewed in 2014 for another year for people currently enrolled in the plan. New participants will not be able to enroll in the plan.

Click here to learn more about the 2014 renewal, including information about medical plan renewal rates, state and Affordable Care Act taxes and plan rates.

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