Advocacy and representation

The ODA is your strong and effective voice in state and local politics. Find out how proposed state legislation and regulatory and compliance issues are affecting your practice and your patients. Learn how the ODA is reaching out to policymakers and how you can become part of the process.

The ODA Department of Governmental Affairs keeps abreast of all legislative and regulatory issues that affect dentistry on the state and national level. As such, the department is an active advocate for the advancement and protection of the interests of ODA members and their patients in the political arena.

The ODA constantly works to:
  • Protect against unnecessary government intrusion,
  • Fight unfair insurance practices and frivolous lawsuits,
  • Improve access to quality, comprehensive dental care, and
  • Promote office efficiency

Advocacy accomplishments are possible because the ODA represents approximately 75 percent of all Ohio dentists. Your commitment to organized dentistry only increases the odds for success. Complete a membership application online now and help your colleagues form the future direction for dentistry.