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A news magazine for dentists in practice 10 years or less

Thanks to all the continued support and push for a publication reaching out to the younger dentist population, generationD is back!

The experience and knowledge of a veteran dentist with years of practicing dentistry can provide many important lessons. Quite often, however, the stories and ideas of colleagues at a similar point in practice can offer even more valuable insight and even solace.

With generationD we hope to offer you others' experiences and advice that can help improve your practice and increase the value of dentistry in your life.  generationD will cover a variety of topics, all aimed to benefit you professionally and personally.

Our mission remains the same – to provide you with information that the ODA's SND (Subcouncil on New Dentists) has identified as pertinent to members in practice 10 years or less.You will find guidance on setting up a practice, staff management, marketing, social media, insurance and even looking forward to retirement.  

We are very excited to welcome back generationD and we want this to be your publication; something that you can explore and also something with which you can relate and even contribute. Do you have a story idea and want to see your name in print? We welcome submissions from members. Send your article to ODA SND, 1370 Dublin Road, Columbus, Ohio 43215 or email it to Stephanie@oda.org.

Enjoy news specifically tailored to you and be a part of a publication that has a history of great success. generationD was an award-winning print publication receiving a Golden Apple Award from the ADA, and with its reintroduction, we have changed the format from print to electronic.  So check your smartphone or "open" your iPad and enjoy generationD!

- Zachary Mellion D.D.S., Executive Editor

Submissions become the property of the ODA and will not be returned. ODA reserves the right to edit content as needed.

  • An inside look: See how Drs. Matthew Parker and Tyler Scott got their start

    by Jackie Best

    This article is the first in a series that will highlight new dentists and how they got their start. Each dentist has a different story and different advice for dental students and recent graduates. In this article, Dr. Matthew Parker, a periodontist in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Dr. Tyler Scott, a general dentist in Loudonville, Ohio, share their stories.

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  • Evidence-based dentistry and our responsibilities

    by Anita Aminoshariae, D.D.S., M.S.

    A dentist must not only render excellent clinical care but also motivate his patients to accept the treatment presented and to provide all reasonably possible treatment alternatives. The patient must be allowed to make the best informed decision.

    Full Story
  • Explore Columbus and all its offerings at Annual Session

    by ODA Staff

    Coming to Columbus for the Ohio Dental Association Annual Session Sept. 13 through 16, 2012 can be about more than just the exhibit hall, continuing education, speakers and programs. It can also be about enjoying the dining, shopping, night life and attractions the city has to offer!

    Full Story
  • Supreme Court's ruling on Health Care Reform to impact dentistry

    by David J. Owsiany

    Last month's U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding the Affordable Care Act could have a significant impact on dentistry in Ohio. Twenty-six states, including Ohio and the National Federation of Independent Business filed litigation challenging the constitutionality of President Obama's health care reform law.

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