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The ODA’s Smiles for Seniors program is designed to educate caregivers and health professionals about the unique oral health issues facing older adults.

DO YOU WORK IN GERIATRIC HEALTH? Do you work with older individuals who have difficulty maintaining their daily oral hygiene regimen? Smiles for Seniors, a program of the Ohio Dental Association, is designed to help those who provide care and services for older adults to keep brushing and flossing a manageable part of the daily routine. Assistance with daily oral hygiene is often needed for adults who have loss of strength, mobility or dexterity or have experienced conditions such as a stroke, Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s. The program contains easy to understand information and suggestions on how to maintain a daily oral hygiene regimen for semi-dependent and older adults, including those with dentures.

The program materials are available in print, VHS, or CD-ROM format. The program is free, but there is a $10 shipping and handling charge. Program materials cover issues such as:

  • Common signs of dental disease
  • Nutritional needs of older adults
  • Dry mouth
  • Health conditions that may make brushing or flossing difficult
  • Denture issues
  • Possible effects of medication on oral health

This information and more can be found in the links below or by contacting the ODA’s Department of Public Service at or by calling 614-486-2700. The ODA can also help find a dentist to present the Smiles for Seniors program to facility staff that provide care and services for older adults. Contact the number above for information on a presentation in Ohio.

View a brief video of the Smiles for Seniors program.

For the PowerPoint presentation, click here or contact

The Smiles for Seniors program is not copyrighted. Duplication of all materials, including the video and fact sheets, is encouraged to help spread this information to as many health and social service professionals as possible.