The Ohio Dental Association is committed to community involvement.

The ODA’s commitment to community involvement is evident in both its many community programs and the generosity of the ODA Foundation. The ODA implements several community programs designed to improve oral health in Ohio through increased access to and education about dental care.

Community Programs

The ODA provides a range of public service and consumer-oriented programs that are geared toward improving the oral health of Ohioans. The ODA is also Ohio’s resource for oral health information to help the public understand not only the importance of oral health, but also that having good oral health can contribute to good overall health. Below are two of the ODA’s most successful community programs.

Operation TACTIC

TACTIC is an educational program to prevent use of smokeless tobacco. Learn more about Operation TACTIC.

Smiles for Seniors

This program is designed to improve the oral health of older adults by educating caregivers and health professionals. Learn more about Smiles for Seniors.

Access to Care

The ODA’s Department of Public Service is committed to increasing access to dental care for all Ohioans.

Give Kids a Smile

This initiative benefits children in need of dental care across Ohio. Learn more about Give Kids a Smile.


A partnership with the ODA and the Ohio Department of Health, this program benefits adults in Ohio that are in need of dental care. Learn more about Dental OPTIONS.

Ohio Dentist Loan Repayment Program

This program increases access to dental care in underserved areas by assisting new dentists that practice in those areas with the repayment of their dental student loans. Learn more about the Ohio Dentist Loan Repayment Program.

Report donated care

Click here to report the value of donated care. This information is also used collectively to report the value of services and programs provided by the Ohio dental community to media, legislators and other similar groups. For questions, call the ODA's Department of Public Service at (614) 486-2700.

The Ohio Dental Association Foundation

The ODA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the ODA that works to both improve oral health in Ohio and enhance the profession of dentistry. For more information, visit the ODA Foundation page.