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To access the ADA's new consumer-friendly oral health website, MouthHealthy, click here. MouthHealthy also includes information about finding an ODA member dentist in your area.

Ohioans in need of oral health care

The Ohio Department of Health provides information on finding dental care, including Safety Net Dental Care programs in the state and information on Healthy Start, Dental OPTIONS and more. A Safety Net program offers sliding fee schedules, reduced fees or free care to those who cannot afford a private dentist. For information on Safety Net programs, contact a referral coordinator of the OPTIONS program at 1-888-765-6789.

Ohioans in need of dental care can find a listing of Safety Net dental clinics in their communities online at Provided by the Ohio Department of Health, this site also includes other consumer and health care professional oral health resources.

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Carnation Dental - Direct Reimbursement Plan

Carnation Dental is a new, cost-effective way for employers to offer dental benefits to their employees. It is a direct reimbursement plan unique to Ohio and supported by the Ohio Dental Association.

Carnation Dental allows employers to design a plan that will work best for everyone, and employees are free to choose the best care available because there are no limitations to the plan.

Funds allocated for dental care go toward just that — unlike typical indemnity plans with 32 percent of total employer costs going toward overhead and administration expenses.

For more information, visit

Consumer Resources from Delta Dental of Ohio

Delta Dental teaches about taking care of your child's teeth "from the drool years to the school years." Learn more by clicking here.

Dentists Are Disease Detectives … and your dentist searches for clues that may point to other serious health issues. Learn more by clicking here.

This important (and entertaining) two-minute video focuses on the safety and benefits of fluoridated water. Click here to watch!