Ohio Good DEED Program

In order to recognize dental offices that are pursuing more environmentally friendly practices, the Ohio Dental Association and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency have developed the Ohio Good DEED (Dedicated to Environmental Excellence in Dentistry) Program.

The Good DEED Program uses a tiered approach for recognizing dental offices that utilize simple and innovative solutions, without regulations, to minimize the environmental impact of their practices on Ohio’s environment.

Dentists can participate in the program on two levels,the Gold Tier or the Gold and Green Tier, depending on which option best applies to their practice.

Gold Tier - ADA BMPs and Ohio Regulations 

In the Gold Tier, dentists agree to adhere to the ADA’s Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for Amalgam Waste, which includes use of an ISO 11143 compliant amalgam separator, while also abiding by the relevant waste disposal laws that are currently in place.

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Gold and Green Tier - BMPs Plus Sustainable Dentistry

In the Gold and Green Tier, dentists agree to adhere to everything that is included in the Gold Tier, while also incorporating basic recycling practices for office paper, lead, and having recycling programs in place for amalgam, fixer and used x-ray tubes (if in use). Dentists are also asked to implement at least 10 other pollution prevention practices into their office, for example using Star Energy appliances, unplugging appliances, using biodegradable disposable cups, using energy efficient low-mercury lighting, or using stainless steel endodontic suction tips, etc. Dentists may participate in this tier at any time after they have completed the Gold Tier.

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The Ohio Good DEED Program has been recognized by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Excellence Program (E3)

The ODA strongly encourages ALL Ohio dentists to participate in this program in at least the Gold Tier level. Doing so allows the profession to do the right thing while also demonstrating its ability to regulate itself without the need for unnecessary government mandates.

The Ohio Dental Association's goal parallels the American Dental Association goal of an increase in use of amalgam separators, aiming for a 25 percent increase in the use of separators per year.

To see a list of Good DEED Program participants, click here.

How to Participate in the Good DEED Program

It is a very easy process to participate. Most dental offices already do most of these environmentally friendly work practices.

The Ohio Good DEED Program received a Golden Apple award from the American Dental Association.

To participate:

Dentists can also sign up by sending:

  • Contact information – including name of dental office, names of dentists at the office, street address, mailing address, city and ZIP code, phone number, web address, email address and number of chairs at the dental practice
  • An Environmental Policy Statement
  • The model and brand of amalgam separator that you have used
  • The maintenance schedule for the separator
  • A statement that you have met all environmental regulations

If participating in the Gold and Green Tier, you must also include:

  • A list of the recycling best management practices
  • The 10 other environmentally sustainable best management practices that your facility has implemented

Information should be sent to:



Good DEED Program
Ohio Dental Association
1370 Dublin Road
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Participants will then receive a certificate via email from the ODA designating the tier for which they qualify. The recognition certificate is reissued every two years.

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For more information or to participate in the Good DEED Program, contact the ODA at (800) 282-1526.